September 19, 2003

The Power of Teenagers


?Relax! You?re
still young?Enjoy your life!? This a familiar quote heard throughout
the entire world. This popular misconception is discouraging our youth day by
day, as a large number of adults perceive this false thought. But in reality,
young adults, or teenagers as they are known, can be a major part of the force
that will revolutionize the world into a better place to live.

Teenagers need to be more
active, not only in the local community, but in other areas as well. They can
research subjects like politics, and then find ways to transform the corrupted
laws into sensible and meaningful rules. Of course, this process wouldn?t
be completed in mere months, but it will take years of hard work and dedication.
But it is a worthwhile cause that could change the world for everyone. And to
achieve this goal, young adults need the support and encouragement of the elders.

Throughout history, youngsters
have made various achievements in their great effort to better the world. One
of the honoured teenagers is Toronto born, Craig Kielburger. Craig founded Free
the Children, a network of children helping other less privileged children around
the world, when he was only 12. His organization, Free the Children, grew to
be the largest network of children helping children in the world. Free the Children
built more than 350 primary schools, providing education to thousands of kids
everyday. The following was taken from Free the Children?s website:
?Searching for the comics in the local paper, a front-page article caught
his attention. He read about a young boy from Pakistan who was sold into bondage
as a carpet weaver, escaped and was murdered for speaking out against child
There are many other examples of brave accomplishments made by youth, and there
are going to be many more.

Teenagers could also make
this world better by focusing on their education, and striving to get high marks
and to gain the knowledge, for knowledge will benefit us in this world and the
next. In addition, they should focus on creating future goals and on making
a foundation for their adulthood and their following generations.

Another way to make a difference
is for the youth to stay steadfast on the right path of Islam. And to remember,
that if their elders discourage them from wisely trying to change the world,
they shouldn?t loose their focus and to use wisdom in their thinking and
actions. In this logical way, everyone can be successful in making this universe
a better place to live.

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