April 27, 2001

How to Say No to Prom

Got your tongue-tied??

Not sure how to say no??

Having doubts about why you’re not going??

Consider these tips to help you say no.

Ask Allah’s Help

Make Du’a (supplication) to Allah to help you resist Prom pressure for
His Sake. He is the source of all strength and only He can help you avoid it.

Ask yourself why you want to go?

Is it because of your friends? Is it just to hang out? Is it because you
don’t have anything else to do that night?

Finding out why you want to go to the Prom can, if Allah wills, help you
better identify how to cope with it.

Find out what’s wrong with it

Talk to a trusted practicing Muslim friend or an Imam or community leader you
trust if you have any doubts about why going to the Prom is a danger to you as a
Muslim. Read about what the Prom is really about!

Remind yourself that you will get what is better

“I firmly believe in the fact that if you give something for the sake of
Allah, Allah replaces it with something even better. Try it out and see what
happens,” says Taha Ghayyur of Young Muslims of Canada.

Find a friend who is also not going

This is a great way to deal with Prom pressure. Resist is together, and
you?ll feel stronger and more confident about your position not to go to the

Remind yourself of what?s beyond the Prom

The buildup to and the letdown from the Prom is often intense and
disappointing. Remember that life goes beyond this one night. Insha-Allah
you?ve got a bright future ahead. Keep your eyes focused there instead of this
one night of artificial happiness.

(courtesy of http://www.soundvision.com)

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