April 28, 2003

Too late to come clean

As the coalition
forces pursue their illegal military invasion against an already devastated
Iraq, the world watches in disgust and outrage.

To the Bush administration,
Saddam and his fairy tale of weapons of mass destruction poses a lethal military
threat to the United States of America. Interestingly enough, in their previous
attempts to provide even a shred of evidence in favour of it has failed at their

If Saddam has nuclear
capabilities, he should have been systematically disarmed by weapons inspections.
Instead the US decide to wage an outlawed attack that claims the lives of thousands
and lacks international legitimacy according to UN secretary general Kofi Annan.

Now Baghdad is
up in flames. The unimaginable ‘shock and awe’ of the most brute military arsenal
history has ever been exposed. It is estimated that a staggering one million
Iraqis will be left homeless with of course a plethora of many more deaths and
casualties from this US led rampage.

Ominously, if he
had nuclear armaments, isn’t this the ideal time for him to unleash his deadly
nuclear arsenal? What will the coalition forces do after discovering that Saddam
didn’t have nuclear armaments after all? And most importantly, how will they
restore the lives of the thousands of innocent Iraqis? The answers to these
questions are implicitly stated in the questions themselves.

Besides, let’s
not be foolish here, Saddam was treading very deep waters. As a result of sanctions,
Baghdad was already inevitably in the clutches of the coalition forces.

Nobody in a state
of sanity would disagree to have Saddam removed. In hindsight retrospect, the
American government has had chance after chance to extirpate Saddam for thirteen
long years at the exploitation of human life. Now it’s too late to come clean.

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