February 16, 2003

IRAQ: The Real Story

We, as Canadians pride ourselves on being part of a country that is free, moral
and just. We like to think of ourselves as people who always seek and act according
to the truth. But what if ?the truth? isn?t clear? What if
we don?t know the truth? What if we?re all ignorant of the truth?
And if we are ignorant, are we truly free?

Today, we are creating history. Future generations will flip through their
history books?what will they see? Will they read words that taint our
generation forever? Will they read about a privileged population that supported
a war against a nation of poverty? Or, will they glow in pride as they read
about a generation that stood up for the truth, that stood in defiance against
a war they knew was wrong? Our decisions, our actions will affect the lives
of millions of people we don?t even know. Our ignorance however, will
diminish their freedom as well as our own.

Why War?

Why it?s the Weapons of Mass Destruction of course! Well that?s
the story from Bush and his gang. That?s the story in the news, in Parliament
and on the streets?if Iraq has WMD?s?it?s war. If Iraq
doesn?t have WMD?s but Bush and the gang are sure they do?it?s
war. The Bush administration has adopted a new tactic in their ongoing effort
to create a ?peaceful? world: Preventative War. Bush claims that
to ensure that Saddam Hussein doesn?t wreak havoc on America, they will
invade Iraq. In simpler terms, America will wreak havoc on Iraq, so it cannot
wreak havoc on America.

The Case Against Iraq

Noted in simple terms below are several reasons that the Bush administration
is using to justify a war against Iraq. Supposedly?

  • Iraq has an active nuclear weapons program in violation of UN resolutions
  • Iraq will attack United States, given the chance
  • The people of Iraq hate Saddam Hussein and want the Americans to ?liberate?
    them and turn Iraq into a democracy

Rebuttal Against U.S. Claims

  • What nuclear weapons? To this date, UN weapons inspectors
    have not reported any sign of any nuclear weapons in Iraq. America has violated
    UN Security Council resolution 1441 of November 8th by refusing to hand over
    it?s anti-Iraq evidence to UN weapons inspectors. The Bush administration
    says they know where the weapons are – so why aren?t they telling the
    rest of us? Even more, why aren?t they telling the UN weapons inspectors
    so they can inspect and prove them right?
  • Claims that America will be attacked by Iraq are pure speculation:
    Evidence? So far, none. Bush has delivered nothing but rhetoric and padded
    speculation labelling Iraq as a rogue nation that will attack America at any
    moment. If so, how does Bush know? Does he have a hunch? Will we send our
    citizens to kill Iraqi citizens based solely on Bush?s intuition? On
    that token, Bush has publicly announced that he is willing and ready to attack
    Iraq – we know America may attack Iraq, so can Iraq launch a ?preventative?
    war of their own?
  • Democracy?Liberating Iraq: This notion of ?liberating?
    the people of Iraq is a people friendly way of justifying the war. Haroon
    Siddiqui of the Toronto Star notes that, ?regime change in Baghdad is
    not part of any U.N. directive.? We should ask ourselves, what right
    do we have to rip apart a country so we can establish a form of government
    that we like? We cannot assume that the people of Iraq are on their
    knees begging for us to bring them democracy. The people of Iraq could rise
    up on their own against Saddam Hussein – if they didn?t have
    UN Sanctions starving them. They are trapped in a vicious cycle and the blood
    of their children is too high a price to pay to simply bring ease to our own

Powell?s Presentation: A Case for War?

Definitely not.

  • Satellite Images: Computer manipulation of satellite images
    is not difficult. What evidence did Powell provide to prove that the objects
    in the satellite images were actually what he said they were? The current
    ?Orange Alert? is seen as ?smoke screen? to cover
    up the fraudulent data presented to the United Nations.
  • Phone Conversations: Tape recorded messages are an outdated,
    unreliable and problematic form of evidence: Anyone can produce or manipulate
    a tape recording?what reason do we have to believe that Powell?s
    tape was legitimate? None.
  • Powell?s Entire Case: According to the Toronto Star
    and others, the British Intelligence dossier Powell cited had (with approval)
    been copied from published articles and a Ph.D. thesis by a student who is
    now against the war. Furthermore, the information from these sources is considered

The Real Reasons for War

Points to Consider

  • Why Iraq only?
    • Kim Jong II has openly admitted to having an active nuclear weapons
      program, yet Bush has decided to work things out ?diplomatically?
      with North Korea?why is American diplomacy selective?
  • If this war is really about countries possessing weapons of mass destruction?
    Israel, North Korea, Pakistan, India and many other countries would face a
    war with the U.S.

Links and Resources

For more information visit:
Toronto Star Archives (available
) ? articles by Haroon Siddiqui, Linda McQuaig,
and Antonia Zerbisias provide clear, unbiased and in-depth information on current

What you can do to help

  1. Show support for the MP?s that are against the war in Iraq. Contact
    your local MP and voice your concern about the War. For list of MPs please
    visit the following the site: http://canada.gc.ca/directories/direct_e.html
  2. Write to your local and national media agencies. A good idea is to divide
    up the different newspapers among friends to keep watch over.
  3. Stay informed of important issues concerning Iraq. Be aware of decisions
    that are made that may impact and affect the possibility of war.
  4. Support financially the organizations that are reaching out to the Iraqi
    [Life for Relief and Development]
    http://www.irw.org/ [Islamic Relief]
  5. Educate your peers. Promote awareness. Show your genuine concern for the
    human race.
  6. Finally, Pray for those who are confronted with adversity.



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