November 6, 2008

Canadian Muslims and Societal Contributions through Community Involvement

How often do we reflect upon the glorious past of our Muslim nation? The amazing contributions of Muslim civilization in Spain, examples of Islamic tolerance during the reign of the famous Salah-el-din and of course the incredible contributions Muslims have made to sciences, mathematics and philosophy? One can explore these contributions thoroughly and never cease […]

June 23, 2008

Human Rights Violations: Blaming Islam

People love to show a divide between Islam and Democracy. So they perpetuate the myth of Islam’s incompatibility with human rights. They blindly assert that Islam and human rights are antithetical.

March 7, 2008

The Elements of Style

A book review

December 14, 2004

The Islamic and Christian views of Jesus: a comparison

[taken from SoundVision.com] The person of Jesus or Isa in Arabic (peace be upon him) is of great significance in both Islam and Christianity. However, there are differences in terms of beliefs about the nature and life occurrences of this noble Messenger.

April 23, 2004

Becoming Muslim

About the author: Muhammad Asad, Leopold Weiss, was born in Livow, Austria (later Poland) in 1900, and at the age of 22 made his visit to the Middle East. He later became an outstanding foreign correspondent for the Franfurtur Zeitung, and after his conversion to Islam travelled and worked throughout the Muslim world, from North […]

March 1, 2004

Muslim Africans: A Past of Which to Speak

An area of history, which still remains in the shadows of today?s ingrained and accepted tale of Western dominance is the history of Muslim Africans. The tribulations and triumphs of Muslim Africans translates into a rich and vibrant history, a past of honour and a future of hope. From their explorative voyages in early centuries, […]

July 17, 2003

Remembering Holly

   Recently, Toronto was shaken by the violent and brutal murder of 10 year-old Holly Jones. The youngster, who left her home to ensure that a friend safely returned home, never made it to the safety of her own home and family. One cannot even begin to imagine the pain and torture that her parents […]

July 5, 2003

From Slavery to Leadership: Muslims in North America

    Malcolm X, Muhammad Ali, and Jameel Al-Ameen are perhaps a few names that cross our minds when we consider the evolution of Muslim identity and community in North America. What often escapes notice is the sacrifice, discipline, social justice, leadership, and cooperation modeled by such individuals and their communities.

April 17, 2003

Helping Parents Come Closer to Allah

?I have spent several sleepless nights praying to Allah to guide my parents,? is what Karima, 15, once wrote.

October 21, 2002

The Fasting of Ramadan: A Time for Thought, Action, and Change!

[Taken from The Medium, University of Toronto, Mississauga] Fasting in Ramadan develops in a person the real spirit of social belonging, of unity and brotherhood, and of equality before God. This spirit is the natural product of the fact that when people fast they feel that they are joining the whole Muslim society (which makes […]

June 7, 2002

Saving Your Family

  For a believer one of the most hurtful feelings is when he or she watches their own family going astray from the path of Islam. Most of the time, we do not know how to react. Here are some points to keep in mind when we are in such situations:

March 27, 2002

Dawa Opportunity to Law Enforcement Agents

Since the Terrorist attack on America Law Enforcement Agents have been ‘visiting’ Muslim homes and asking ‘simple questions’. Due to the power given to them by Bill C-36 it is quite difficult to avoid such ‘visits’. Some of the Agents are nice and some are rude. Some know about Islam & Muslims and some are […]

March 27, 2002

Recommendations to Law Enforcement Agencies

Here are some recommendations we suggest to avoid violation of religious rights of Muslims and to establish better relationships:

April 27, 2001

How to Make America an Islamic Nation

Congress just passed a bill declaring the consumption of alcohol a felony, punishable by up to 120 days in jail. Although critics said the new law wouldn’t work anymore than Prohibition did in the 1920’s, supporters of the measure felt confident that it would hold, given the large support from the Muslim American community. Even […]

April 27, 2001

How did you Accept Islam?

Yahya Emerick Many people have asked me lately how I came to Islam. It is not an unusual question for a convert (or revert) to be asked. I guess I’m being asked about it again because of having this regular column in the Message. Every person who accepts Islam has a unique story and tale […]

April 27, 2001

Tips on Muslim Youth bringing Youth closer to Allah

  Why should you, a young Muslim, be helping to bring your friends closer to Allah?

April 27, 2001

On Religious Tolerance

    While on his deathbed, Sayyid ‘Umar ibn al-Khattab (ra) dictated a long will consisting of instructions for the next Khalifah. Here is the last sentence of that historic document: “I instruct you on behalf of the people who have been given protection in the name of Allah and His Prophet [i.e. the non-Muslim […]

April 23, 2001

Tips on Dealing with The Media

Muslims should not view the media as an ‘evil tool of the devil’ that has no redeeming or useful qualities that can be used to our benefit. Continued ignorance of the North American media will contribute to more negative stereotyping of Muslims in this part of the world. The following, although not intended to be […]

April 23, 2001

How One Imam Changed a Teenager’s Life

    Shabir Ally was 14 when an Imam helped him make a life-changing decision. I came from a family that didn’t put Islam on the top of the ladder, he explains of his background.

April 23, 2001

Dawa: Time to Come Out of Our Boxes!

  “There is no god worthy of worship, except Allah, and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.” Yahya Emerick, in his book How to tell others about Islam, says, “This simple statement is the most powerful declaration ever devised! For beyond the words themselves, lies a powerful concept and a compelling ideology. Whole societies, cultures, […]