December 10, 2009

Imam Husain And His Martyrdom

all students of history are aware that the horrors that are connected with the great event of Kerbela did more than anything else to unite together the various contending factions which had unfortunately appeared at that early stage of Muslim history.

July 25, 2009

How Islamic inventors changed the world

From coffee to cheques and the three-course meal, the Muslim world has given us many innovations that we take for granted in daily life. As a new exhibition opens, Paul Vallely nominates 20 of the most influential- and identifies the men of genius behind them

November 6, 2008

Canadian Muslims and Societal Contributions through Community Involvement

How often do we reflect upon the glorious past of our Muslim nation? The amazing contributions of Muslim civilization in Spain, examples of Islamic tolerance during the reign of the famous Salah-el-din and of course the incredible contributions Muslims have made to sciences, mathematics and philosophy? One can explore these contributions thoroughly and never cease […]

June 23, 2008

Human Rights Violations: Blaming Islam

People love to show a divide between Islam and Democracy. So they perpetuate the myth of Islam’s incompatibility with human rights. They blindly assert that Islam and human rights are antithetical.

March 7, 2008

The Elements of Style

A book review

March 5, 2008

Bite Your Tongue!

The tongue: a mere piece of meat with no bones in it. But like a BMW Z4, it carries you forward?it speeds you to Paradise, or dumps you into Hell. Take control of it, before it takes control of you. So how do you steer this beast? Read on!

July 12, 2006

Contentment ? The Million Dollar Solution

There are two types of people in this world: those who try to search out the million dollars, so they can live on the high end of life; and those who try to find the million dollar solution to life?s hurdles.

April 19, 2006

Seven Ways You Can Save the Planet

Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, said, “The world is green and beautiful and God has appointed you as His stewards over it. He sees how you acquit yourselves…” (Muslim). Allah tells us in numerous verses of the Quran, that He has created everything on Earth—animals, rain, plants, oceans, stars, the sun, the moon—for the […]

December 15, 2005

Islamic Education: A New Approach

The Early Years   One of the biggest challenges we face today as Muslims in general, and Muslims living in the West in specific, is the challenge of providing Islamic education to the younger generation. Education we receive through the early stages of our lives shapes our way of thinking and is therefore of primary […]

December 15, 2005

The Failures and Limitations of Modern Schooling

    Measure of Failure Before we can speak about the failures of modern schooling, in the West or anywhere else, we should consider what it is that schooling has set out to do. This will help us to consider whether or not schooling has failed at anything, or if it has actually succeeded in […]

December 15, 2005

Preserve Water, Preserve Life

How Much is Too Much? “Get out of the shower!” your little brother shouts as he bangs on the washroom door. “You’ve been in there for twenty minutes!”

November 15, 2005

Towards A Rational Political Participation

  Adverse Ideological Phenomena There are ideological phenomena that no careful examiner can miss in the sphere of the Islamic Movement, particularly in the political field.

June 23, 2005


By night, a city slicker patrols the streets. Seen but not seen, he’s just another face in the crowd, unnoticed with trendy glasses and the slickest new Rockport running shoes. He breezes in and out through bars and clubs. He chills with his friends. And if she’s not mad, maybe he’ll call his girlfriend for […]

June 19, 2005

Trials and Tribulations: Exercise for our Soul

  A cocoon stirs with signs of life. An opening appears, and you watch as the winged creature inside struggles to emerge from a small tear in the sack of life. Striving to free itself, the butterfly labors for what seems an eternity. You reflect on how easy it would be to simply break off […]

January 31, 2005

What Christianity and European Civilization Gained from the Crusade?

    The Crusades were launched in 1095 C.E. from the West to save Eastern Christendom (Byzantium) from the Muslim Rule. When they ended, the whole Christendom was under Muslims.

December 15, 2004

Aspects of Character Building

Vast indeed is the subject of character-building; it is lengthy as the whole life-time.

December 14, 2004

The Islamic and Christian views of Jesus: a comparison

[taken from SoundVision.com] The person of Jesus or Isa in Arabic (peace be upon him) is of great significance in both Islam and Christianity. However, there are differences in terms of beliefs about the nature and life occurrences of this noble Messenger.

November 20, 2004

Stalking Freedom in Fallujah

Throughout the Muslim world, from the West coast of Africa to the southern-most islands of the Indonesian archipelago, worshippers in mosques are lifting their hands to the heavens and praying for Fallujah. As the United States’ gun-ships strafe the city known as the City of Mosques and her centurions conduct house-to-house searches, Fallujah has come […]

August 15, 2004

Understanding Bullying

   Bullying is so common that a parent might be tempted to see it as somehow a normal part of growing up. Phrases like “he’s just a big bully” make bullying seem like a harmless thing. But the reality is anything but. When bullying takes root in a school, it sets a tone that undermines […]

May 22, 2004

Halal Games

 With the summer approaching, many of us will be rewarded with a much-needed break from school to finally relax In-sha-Allah. Around this time, gaming companies launch new games that razzle and dazzle us. I would like to take a few moments to discuss an important but often unnoticed matter.